SynapseIndia has been Selected as Best Software Company to Work by SiliconIndia

Set up in 2000, SynapseIndia has established itself as one of the best IT company in India. The best in class services offered by SynapseIndia CMMI level 3 organization are – software development, web design & development, mobile app development, e-Commerce web development, and some more.

SynapseIndia has been picked as the best IT organization to work for by SiliconIndia. The June issue of month to month magazine of SiliconIndia recognized India’s Pioneer IT Outsourcing organization, SynapseIndia with the prestigious crown for the yearning IT graduates and experienced people to chase down. SiliconIndia listed best organizations to work for in unmistakable ranges and SynapseIndia was spots the top in area of Software Development Industry.

SynapseIndia offers colossal favorable circumstances and a fun, welcoming & unwavering workplace with open entryways and open individuals. organization’s work society is something that is genuinely remarkable, and it is one of the colossal reasons that SynapseIndia staff consider it as one of the best organization to work with.

The Bigger Picture – What SynapseIndia passes on to the table

Below mentioned are few focuses that make SynapseIndia the best work environment as:

1. Working one next to the next with a fun, enduring and inviting team individuals and organization, in an engaging and component environment

2. Getting some experience concerning latest & productive innovations & programming languages from the masters

3. Being engaged to serve the fundamental customers of SynapseIndia the way you’d need to be served

4. Versatility to stimulate progress & take after your own particular individual method for working

5. Development opportunities and training programs concentrated on individual and expert development of employees

6. Feel pride and fulfillment of adding to the social causes as a touch of corporate social obligations

7. Conceding & offering examinations with no wavering to accomplices and officials

8. Consistently get-togethers to talk about team operations, assignments or any issue

9. Customize employee benefit bundles, flexible timings & well being projects

10. Celebrations are something we compose more often than not, from a party on some little accomplishment to an employee’s life occasions & organization wide yearly occasion, we recognize all.

11. Having some incredible times at Work!

Open doors for Growth

Enthusiasm for web & mobile application development keeps growing, and SynapseIndia is there to manage the interest. Completing objectives by making top quality headway & business solutions will take creativity, obligation and unmistakably the dedication to development. This is the motivation driving why SynapseIndia solutions unmistakable sort of trainings for employees. Next to this, SynapseIndia has meandered up enrolling, progress planning and expert development program for its future pioneers. Each and every illustrative gets a proportionate chance to succeed at SynapseIndia – regardless to their age, education, gender, and so on.

SynapseIndia wants to make an attracted learning environment that advances self-inspiration, and to complete the same they urge staff to take possession for their work. The organization help their delegates who need to perform their potential in their career objectives .

Different persons who join SynapseIndia wind up building long haul, productive reasons for living at the organization by understanding the colossal chances to learn and make.

The Benefits of Becoming a Team Member

SynapseIndia’s employee benefits are not just an approach to manage back focus values that join happiness, customer fulfillment and Excellence, its the colossal thing to do. Underneath demonstrated are a few employee benefits offered by the organization:

1. Medical Insurance

2. Incidental Insurance

3. Paid Time Off

4. Leaves of Absence

5. Expert Training Program

6. Flexible work timings

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SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka has been appointed as Regional Director for South Asia by EO Global. Main reason behind Shamit Khemka’s success story is his can do attitude that made SynapseIndia expand their business globally. Regular Fun events & celebrations are organized in SynapseIndia that makes it the best place to do great work. On 15th Foundation day celebration, Shamit khemka declared distribution of tablets to employees as a token of appreciation to their efforts. Recently, SynapseIndia launched their Training & Internship program for In-Demand Programming Skills. SynapseIndia has also started offering Nette development & Slim Framework Development. Contributing to CSR Activity, Shamit Khemka provided new hostel building to International Chandramauli Trust.


5 Important tips by Shamit Khemka to enhance Business management skill

The success of any business organization is entirely depends upon its leader. The attributes and leadership qualities of the creator or founder will decide the smooth functioning of the business organization in the longer run. It is the leader who gives clear sight, set goals, directions and assist employees to get the targets on time.

It is the capability of a leader that helps companies to find the most economical and useful ways to create the best work. Shamit Khemka, the founder of SynapseIndia CMMI level III company is an able leader who with his five top capabilities is leading the company and helping it to make a niche place in the service market.

SynapseIndia Research and development team believes in generating new concepts that are potential to satisfy needs in the best possible ways. SynapseIndia training team always comes with unique ideas and ways and always finds better ways to offer most useful services with better planning and management.

A careful & thorough thinking:
Be it SynapseIndia celebrations or any SynapseIndia events, every itenary is well planned and performed to keep up the morale of the employees. SynapseIndia recruitment team spends a lot of time in exploring new ideas and carefully analyzing pros and cons of every new concept improving better business opportunities.

What makes Shamit Khemka different from other leaders is ability to act differently in accordance with situation and people. For instance SynapseIndia PHP Development team focusses a lot on latest changes and updates from various PHP forums as SynapseIndia iphone app development works on various App store updates. One can look the rankings and appreciation the company has received on SynapseIndia Odesk page or even can go to SynapseIndia Linkedin channel.

Superior Knowledge:
For Shamit Khemka, his superior knowledge is the real power. He has the answer for all the problems as he keeps updating his knowledge and outlook on almost every matter. Shamit Khemka involves himself with the decision making tasks and enjoys the final word on everything that shows the reality of SynapseIndia ranking on various platforms. He knows how to take things till the end and do not leave anything in the middle. This principle runs in all SynapseIndia registered offices as one of the core values for achieving the best of results.

Open to all:
When we talk about SynapseIndia employee benefits, certainly it’s one of the best place to work. SynapseIndia current openings are always focussed on bringing more talent inhouse to built a recognized team for clients. People who are generally open are liked by all. They let people to make decisions in order to satisfy requirements to the best possible way. Shamit Khemka avoids conflicts on any matter and does his best to find measure that can fix problems easily so that employees can work without any inconvenience.

Shamit Khemka with SynapseIndia employees

Shamit khemka Foundation Day celebrations Shamit Khemka With employees-SPL Shamit Khemka With employees Christmas Shamit Khemka With employees