Shamit Khemka Presented Webinar on Zend 2 Framework

This Webinar was intended to give a complete introduction for using Zend Framework 2 to identify and create database driven web application using the Model-View-Controller paradigm. To give a complete understanding of a ZF2 application, Shamit Khemka illustrated CRUD functions in ZEND 2 with basic examples. As for a PHP developer, Zend Framework provides a number of ready-to-use components to improve your application’s security.

Shamit Khemka is the founder & CEO of SynapseIndia, a premier IT outsourcing company in India. He leads a team of IT experts and architects that focuses on developing and presenting best Web & Mobile Development solutions to the Enterprises for better business performance across the globe.


Shamit Khemka EO Regional Director Shares ISB Year 3 Future Thinkers & Leaders

ISB conducted a summit for Future Thinkers & Leaders in which various Entrepreneurs from Entrepreneurs’ Organization were part of it. SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka captured few moments from the summit of future leaders of corporate world along with the entrepreneurs.

SynapseIndia has been Selected as Best Software Company to Work by SiliconIndia

Set up in 2000, SynapseIndia has established itself as one of the best IT company in India. The best in class services offered by SynapseIndia CMMI level 3 organization are – software development, web design & development, mobile app development, e-Commerce web development, and some more.

SynapseIndia has been picked as the best IT organization to work for by SiliconIndia. The June issue of month to month magazine of SiliconIndia recognized India’s Pioneer IT Outsourcing organization, SynapseIndia with the prestigious crown for the yearning IT graduates and experienced people to chase down. SiliconIndia listed best organizations to work for in unmistakable ranges and SynapseIndia was spots the top in area of Software Development Industry.

SynapseIndia offers colossal favorable circumstances and a fun, welcoming & unwavering workplace with open entryways and open individuals. organization’s work society is something that is genuinely remarkable, and it is one of the colossal reasons that SynapseIndia staff consider it as one of the best organization to work with.

The Bigger Picture – What SynapseIndia passes on to the table

Below mentioned are few focuses that make SynapseIndia the best work environment as:

1. Working one next to the next with a fun, enduring and inviting team individuals and organization, in an engaging and component environment

2. Getting some experience concerning latest & productive innovations & programming languages from the masters

3. Being engaged to serve the fundamental customers of SynapseIndia the way you’d need to be served

4. Versatility to stimulate progress & take after your own particular individual method for working

5. Development opportunities and training programs concentrated on individual and expert development of employees

6. Feel pride and fulfillment of adding to the social causes as a touch of corporate social obligations

7. Conceding & offering examinations with no wavering to accomplices and officials

8. Consistently get-togethers to talk about team operations, assignments or any issue

9. Customize employee benefit bundles, flexible timings & well being projects

10. Celebrations are something we compose more often than not, from a party on some little accomplishment to an employee’s life occasions & organization wide yearly occasion, we recognize all.

11. Having some incredible times at Work!

Open doors for Growth

Enthusiasm for web & mobile application development keeps growing, and SynapseIndia is there to manage the interest. Completing objectives by making top quality headway & business solutions will take creativity, obligation and unmistakably the dedication to development. This is the motivation driving why SynapseIndia solutions unmistakable sort of trainings for employees. Next to this, SynapseIndia has meandered up enrolling, progress planning and expert development program for its future pioneers. Each and every illustrative gets a proportionate chance to succeed at SynapseIndia – regardless to their age, education, gender, and so on.

SynapseIndia wants to make an attracted learning environment that advances self-inspiration, and to complete the same they urge staff to take possession for their work. The organization help their delegates who need to perform their potential in their career objectives .

Different persons who join SynapseIndia wind up building long haul, productive reasons for living at the organization by understanding the colossal chances to learn and make.

The Benefits of Becoming a Team Member

SynapseIndia’s employee benefits are not just an approach to manage back focus values that join happiness, customer fulfillment and Excellence, its the colossal thing to do. Underneath demonstrated are a few employee benefits offered by the organization:

1. Medical Insurance

2. Incidental Insurance

3. Paid Time Off

4. Leaves of Absence

5. Expert Training Program

6. Flexible work timings

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SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka has been appointed as Regional Director for South Asia by EO Global. Main reason behind Shamit Khemka’s success story is his can do attitude that made SynapseIndia expand their business globally. Regular Fun events & celebrations are organized in SynapseIndia that makes it the best place to do great work. On 15th Foundation day celebration, Shamit khemka declared distribution of tablets to employees as a token of appreciation to their efforts. Recently, SynapseIndia launched their Training & Internship program for In-Demand Programming Skills. SynapseIndia has also started offering Nette development & Slim Framework Development. Contributing to CSR Activity, Shamit Khemka provided new hostel building to International Chandramauli Trust.

Shamit Khemka’s IT Outsourcing Company is the First Priority of Clients Across the Globe

SynapseIndia is a leading IT outsourcing company, founded in the year 2000. The corporate office of this prestigious company is situated in Delhi NCR Region. SynapseIndia is one stop solution for  all IT requirements. The esteemed clients of the company are spread around the world. They have various clients in USA, UK, Australia and Canada. The organization, business has increased over 100% every year since the day of commencement.

SynapseIndia is a Certified GOLD associate with Microsoft and Redhat, a Drupal Organization Member, and a Google AdWords Certified Partner. They offer optimum quality services to their valuable clients by preferences, for instance, rapid to market adaptable solutions, quality specialists, cutting edge advancement, forms in accordance with CMMI level 3 standards, and a full organizations portfolio.

SynapseIndia, owner Shamit Khemka believes in action rather than words. Once you go through the dashboard of SynapseIndia, you will receive the impressive reviews of their clients. SynapseIndia takes complete responsibility once they get the projects from the clients and show complete faithfulness till the project is successfully conveyed. SynapseIndia qualified team is also available for providing support after completion of the project.

They claim top notch services in the field of IT sectors within tight deadlines. Employee at SynapseIndia never gets complaints from clients for deadlines, So, it is one of the trusted offshore software development company, that is easily completed the projects with a minimum span of time. IT Mentor & an Entrepreneur SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka is responsible to make this organization robust and reliable.

The software developers at SynapseIndia have great experience and innovative ideas to offer customized solutions to their esteemed clients. Till now SynapseIndia has completed more than three thousand successful projects in various domains like website development, mobile app development, customized software development, e-commerce solutions and search engine optimization.

Qualified developers in the organization utilize their personal experience and innovative ideas to deal with conveying custom software, which is precisely made and designed according to the client’s prerequisites. They give innovative IT solutions for all businesses. The success key of Shamit Khemka’s organization is its better team coordination and effective planning management that, they use before working on any assignment. Bond among various teams helps SynapseIndia to perform better on any project.

The company’s CEO, Shamit Khemka has subtle information of Marketing Management, International Management, International Economics, Operations Management, Financial Management and lots more. In his expert vocation, Shamit Khemka has served at diverse parts; incorporating holding positions in EO’s regional and local boards.

IT Mentor & CEO Shamit Khemka mark their employees as a primary asset of the organization. Shamit Khemka always keeps inspiring his employees to extend their abilities and execution to an extra mile.  He leaves no stone unturned for ensuring that his association keeps up its top spot in the business by giving successful direction every once in a while. Consistently festive events, amusement stuffs & festival are planned to keep the spirit of employees boosted.

Organization constantly has a tendency to bring the best of employees and commonly furnish them great profession with the best of remuneration and advantages to keep the momentum running. SynapseIndia provides transparency to employee with their performance reviews & it has been the reason of accomplishment for the organization in recent years.

Quality consideration is a crucial part of any successful business. Right from the beginning of a project  to its conveyance, they completely stick to time-tried frameworks to ensure that all work is coordinated in consistence with better procedures and industry models. They use a movement of specific frameworks and measures, conduct formal particular studies, and perform organized programming, testing as a highlight of their quality methodology.

SynapseIndia CMMI level 3 Company Ensures Better Project Delivery & Client’s Trust

The Process and Product Quality Assurance process region bolsters the delivery of quality products by giving undertaking employees and managers at all levels with proper visibility into, and input on, processes and related work products for the duration of the life of the venture.

SynapseIndia practices in the Process and Product Quality Assurance process area guarantee that arranged processes are executed, while the practices in the Verification process area guarantee that predetermined prerequisites are fulfilled. These two process regions can every so often address the same work item however from alternate points of view. Ventures ought to exploit the cover to minimize duplication of exertion while taking consideration to keep up discrete viewpoints.

Objectivity in process and product quality confirmation assessments is basic to the success of the task. (See the meaning of “dispassionately assess” in the glossary.) Objectivity is accomplished by both freedom and the utilization of criteria. A mix of techniques giving assessments against criteria by the individuals who don’t deliver the work item is regularly utilized. Less formal techniques can be utilized to give wide regular scope. More formal systems can be utilized intermittently to guarantee objectivity.

Even CEO Shamit Khemka mentions that usually a quality certification gather that is free of the venture gives objectivity. On the other hand, another methodology may be proper in a few organizations to actualize the process and item quality confirmation part without that sort of autonomy.

If the quality confirmation is installed in the process, a few issues ought to be tended to guarantee objectivity. Everybody performing quality affirmation exercises ought to be prepared in quality certification. The individuals who perform quality confirmation exercises for a work item ought to be independent from the individuals who are specifically included in creating or keeping up the work item. A free reporting channel to the suitable level of organizational administration ought to be accessible with the goal that resistance issues can be raised as fundamental.

This process area applies to assessments of task exercises and products, and to organizational (e.g., process group, organizational training) exercises and tasks. For organizational exercises and work items, the expression “task” ought to be fittingly translated.

Shamit Khemka owned SynapseIndia CMMI level 3 certification assures that all the CMMI standards are considered by an employee while working on your projects. This as an outcome produce better results at effective cost. SynapseIndia CMMI level 3 organization is among the very few IT companies in India who have been able to achieve this prestigious certification.

Tips to Build Your Online Business Identity like SynapseIndia Rankings

With the web brimming with such a variety of sites, it is no longer enough to simply have a web presence. You need to ensure that you utilize SEO so you can get more traffic to your site. Regardless of the amount of exertion you put into designing your site and making it excessively look proficient, in the event that you don’t follow it up with a system to ensure a stream of traffic, then you are wasting your precious time.

The truth of the matter is, you can’t disregard the significance of SEO regarding making your site famous and showcasing it everywhere throughout the web. Things being what they are, the place does SEO come in? All things considered, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes it less demanding for web crawlers, for example, Google to discover your webpage and rank it on top of search results utilizing specific hunt terms. When you go ahead top, the probability of individuals tapping on your page builds fundamentally, and this ensures you the much needed traffic.

SynapseIndia owned by Entrepreneur Shamit Khemka is one of the leading IT outsourcing companies that offers various IT services that includes: Website development, software development, e-commerce solutions, search engine optimization and lots more. SynapseIndia Ranking on Upwork and Elance is quite well. If you are looking to hire one of the best SEO service provider then you must go with SynapseIndia. SynapseIndia used two techniques in SEO: On-page and Off-page.

  1. On- page Search Engine Optimization: In this procedure, the enhancement is done inside your site utilizing particular keywords through the utilization of permanent links, client sitemap, Meta description, breadcrumb, page titles, tags, your web content and images.

  2. Off-page Search Engine Optimization:This system enhances the position of your site in search engines by concentrating on what is outside your site. A percentage of the way is done through the utilization of guest posts, social networks, article submission, classifieds, social book marks and numerous others.

You must need to careful while opting the services of SEO because while you using either of this techniques and you over optimize streamline, it could prompt your site being punished by the search engine. This will subsequently influence the amount of traffic your site gets. There is an algorithm utilized by mainstream web crawlers, for example, Google, Bing and Yahoo to track sites to ensure that just the reliable sites appear on list items.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka mentions that the calculations get overhauled frequently to recognize any misuse of the advancement procedures. When they sense that you have been attempting to trick and trap your way into showing signs of improvement positioning, then you pull in a punishment and your site is black listed. It is constantly difficult to recover your site once it has been punished.

How various SynapseIndia Celebrations motivates Employees with Fresh Energy

Confronted with other difficulties of maintaining a business, keeping up employee engagement can be a troublesome assignment. Numerous organizations do without this crucial part of administration on the grounds that putting resources into their employees appears like an exercise in futility. Shockingly for them, employee motivation has an immediate effect on organization success.

Truth be told, having content employees implies more significant efficiency, higher maintenance rates and a more positive workplace. Managers need to consider a percentage of the courses in which employee acknowledgment adds to organization development and execute them in the work environment. Shamit Khemka owned SynapseIndia celebrations are an excellent way for employee recognition and appreciations.

Christmas, birthdays and other popular events require a celebration in individual life as well as at work. One constructive approach to elevate employee engagement is to celebrate personal and professional developments. Individuals like to be acknowledged, and they’ll thus admire an organization that treats them like people rather than working drones.

The thought of praising each event may appear to be wasteful. In the event that an organization has several employees, then logistically talking, praising each point of reference may be not feasible. However, aggregate festivals work generally too. For example, at SynapseIndia, organization toss an aggregate “Monthly Birthdays” celebration, respecting everybody in the workplace with a March birthday. For employee acknowledgment of occasions like work anniversaries, the SynapseIndia organizes a night out event every year.

The significance of employee acknowledgment remains the most ideal approach to empower individuals in the working environment. Whether through motivations, honors evenings and distinctive teamwork challenges, employee engagement, inspiration and association should be the top need for an organization that needs to succeed. Client services, benefit and different parts of business focus on the individuals doing the work. Shamit Khemka, the CEO & founder at SynapseIndia believes that celebrations have the power to boost employee engagement which can positively impact an organization.

By propelling individuals to succeed, an organization can just hope to hold the best employees, which thusly will yield the best results. Regardless of celebrations and motivating forces, employees require additional inspiration. For this situation, blending them with collaborators who can move them in a positive manner won’t just invigorate the employees yet the organization too.

Employee inspiration and association arrives in a mixture of hues. Via blending two employees together into a team, it makes an additional level of responsibility, especially when matching contrary energies.