Shamit Khemka enlists tips for Delegating a Project to an Offshore Development Company India

Indian Software Development Flag Soars High

People looking for banking on offshore developers seek certain parameters to be present in any genuine firm or name and in that seek for truth; the most common name which comes out at the top of the list is that of India.

A survey over the various investment sectors of countries and provinces like US, Japan, China, India and Europe proved that investing in India is the best option as they are progressing in every aspect unlike others. The software development investment has seen a considerable rise in India compared to others. This has made the base of offshore software development services solid in this nation and investors and business owners comes to this shore for their developmental and investing need.

The reason behind the global dominance

Even Entrepreneur Shamit Khemka believes that Operational costs are one of the biggest parts of any organizational expenditure. By any means every company tries to cut down on that. Also with the changing online behavior of users and search engine taste everything is going to get changed for good. In such times cost-effective and quality service is what satisfies all the most.

Understating various stages of the hiring process and knowing all the retaining skills is a must and without that even having the finest people in your team the project might not witness a great success. Here in this write-up some of the major points are discussed which you are entitled to once hiring offshore service for software development.

Benefits of hiring them

A person must keep an eye over getting all the following benefits from an offshore company doing software development. Here are those:

  1. Defined budget: A company offering software development never will give you approximate costs. In case of witnessing such situation know that they are not quite dependable ones. At the very outset of project all the milestones and deliverables are finalized and based on that the project scope gets defined. This keeps away any kind of hidden costing and makes one complete their project within desired budget.

  2. Global guidelines: In outsourcing industries like Philippines, not much is invested on following global standards, but the case is utterly different with India. In India no use of pirated software is supported and all the global standards are followed.

  1. Clear all the legal contracts: Doing business with someone far away is often a tough call in the absence of right legal documents. With a authority firm you will get all the agreements transparently presented in front of you saving lots of time and building time.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka says that following these three major points you are going to stay put in a comfortable position while handling a project with an outsource team.


2 thoughts on “Shamit Khemka enlists tips for Delegating a Project to an Offshore Development Company India

  1. Global dominance by Indian developers in world of software development is main reason behind offshore projects coming to India described nicely in the article by Shamit Khemka.


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