Shamit Khemka enlists Top 5 reasons to Choose WordPress for your Business Website

Make no mistake, WordPress is a widely used platform with 22% of all new websites being setup on the platform, with around 15% of the world’s top websites running on WordPress. Vs

When people start to look in to WordPress as a platform for their business website or blog, some confusion does happen around the two types of WordPress site.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka differentiate .com and .org version of WordPress as allows you to easily get hold of the WordPress software and install and set it up on your own hosting.

We look into top 5 reasons why WordPress is increasingly becoming more favourite among corporate and small business owners as:

1: Easy To Update

Our number one favourite thing about WordPress is how easy it is to use. The whole point of a CMS is that you don’t need to know how to code websites. Once your WordPress site is set up, most of what you will be doing is simply updating the content and this can be done in a few clicks.

As WordPress started as a blogging platform it is geared towards being very easy to update.

2: Get Help For Free

As WordPress is used by so many people around the world there are loads of resources available for free online for you to learn how to use it or do something specific. Google is your friend here and with a few carefully crafted searches you’ll find the solution to your problem in no time.

3: Grow with Your Business

WordPress is highly expandable. In theory you can have an infinite number of pages, posts and more on your site. If you want to add forms so that you can capture information from visitors, you can do that. If you want to start selling products online, you can do that too. Whatever you want to do with your business’s website, WordPress will be able to handle it.

4: Add Special Functions in a Few Clicks

If your business has a particular need for something that needs doing on your website, it’s very likely that a WordPress plugin exists already to do that. Plugins are great as they enable you to add functions to your site with just a few clicks. Want to add a contact form? There are lots of plugins for that. How about an event management system? A survey? A PayPal button? You can do it all in minutes with Plugins.

5: An Amazing User Community

As WordPress is open source, it has an amazing user community. Aside from people sharing, for free, tips, trick and tutorials on how to get the most from WordPress, there are thousands of people round the world working day and night to make it better and better. Coding new plugins, designing new themes and developing new features, WordPress gets better and more powerful each day.

Shamit Khemka is the owner of India’s top notch Web Development company SynapseIndia and has completed more than 1500 projects in WordPress during last 15 years.


4 thoughts on “Shamit Khemka enlists Top 5 reasons to Choose WordPress for your Business Website

  1. Completely agree with the article, WordPress can be real handy for the new comers and it’s advantages are many when it comes to implement a fresh change to your corporate look.


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