Types of Shopping Cart in eCommerce Retail Businesses discussed by Shamit Khemka

The driving force behind a successful business, as you all know, is a good idea. However, riches may not always be yours to achieve with a good idea. In other words, being at the disposal of several ideas through the internet is not sufficient for you, especially if you’re thinking of stepping into the eCommerce industry.

Hard work, lots of research work, constant monitoring and unwavering focus are the recipes for successful income in the eCommerce industry. Chances that your eCommerce site makes a viral presence can be unlikely, although it’s very much possible. Shamit Khemka CEO of SynapseIndia enlists essentials things that you need to keep in mind to have your eCommerce site running.

Having said that, experts have already started anticipating the trends where key-people will start taking over just online specialists. Let me discuss them in details below…

  • Representatives of a business who are directly responsible for business development, would start taking direct responsibilities towards the eCommerce part of the business as well. Especially people who are holding key positions in sales, marketing, promotion, sales pro-owners, directors and managers of the online store would be people who will be in charge.

  • Small business owners, who have a moderate brick and mortar shop, would get inclined towards the web business in a huge manner.

  • People who are responsible for generating revenue for a business like specialists, sales managers, development managers etc. will start generating strategies for eCommerce as well.

  • Persons responsible for business development and implementation of strategies to increase revenue specialists.

Shopping Cart:

In order to manage your personal online store, user friendly eCommerce website services are highly essential. Easy shopping cart applications can help you manage without the need to build and publish your own online shopping store.

All you have to do is apply the online apps and compile the products, and you could also benefit from various promotional tools that will become accessible after that. Your best bet would be to go for a web-based pre-built shopping cart solution and select features such as variants, inventory and SSL encryption security if they are not a part of the standard specification already.

  • Variants: One of the most important features that you need to include in your shopping cart is the ability to include variants, such as different sizes and colors. This way, your customers do not have to select a new item every time they have to go for a new color and size combo. A successful shopping cart, if you will see, will have the feature of variants for a single product to offer greater flexibility.

  • Inventory: It would be good of you to also consider having the ability to supervise your inventory. This way you will be able to monitor individual variants selected by the customers if you have the variant feature activated on your cart. Moreover, you will also be able to avoid possible goof-ups, such as not being able to offer an individual variant chosen by a customer because you failed to track the request.

  • SSL Encryption Security: Now a PayPal gateway is a feature that almost every shopping cart system offers. What’s important is for you to have a file encryption security on your site so customers can enter their VISA and Mastercard details without fear. A shopping cart system that includes this security feature would be your best, and if lucky enough you might even find one that doesn’t charge extra for this feature.

    SynapseIndia has been delivering world class eCommerce platforms to various global clients and the Managing Director of SynapseIndia, Shamit Khemka is confident that development team is working continuously on various upgrades and changes to deliver quality outcome to clients bestowing their requirements.


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