Shamit Khemka discusses about PHP Ruling the Roost of Online Shopping Cart Software

PHP: A Powerful & multi-tasking platform!

When it comes to offshore industry PHP is the prime backbone of development establishing the fact that they are the authority of the biggest name in programming language list. The connection between PHP and various frameworks based on it has only been strengthening. PHP is one of the most widely used language world-wide, and other than the safety, the ease of its scripting makes it much popular.

PHP and Ecommerce: Hand-in-hand, Ahead!

Looking for projects with challenge and complex development scopes defines the nature of a top developer. On reality check, this is not what everyone gets to do. But, on a much larger scale ecommerce industry has lots of scope in this regards and this has always attracted the cream of the crops. Being knowledgeable in PHP opens the doors for ecommerce development or customization of all the platforms which are based on this. A deeper look inside the domain of php and ecommerce connection will reveal some big names.

The 31.6% ecommerce market dominating king Magento comes in this list primarily. This is the biggest name in the open source free options available in the market and being owned by eBay for a whooping price of $180 million makes it even more powerful. The enterprise edition cost money but the Magento Community Edition is free for all.

It can run on any server which are based on Windows, UNIX, etc and PHP as the backbone of coding. Magento is known for its flexibility and customization ease. SynapseIndia owner Shamit Khemka says that one using this platform for their online business is sure to be benefitted by large pool of extensions and plugins available at Magento marketplace. PHP software development gets a new dimension with ecommerce dependency.

Secondly the name of osCommerce can be taken in this context. This one has seen many years of existence in this industry and is here for more than twelve years now. The server requirement for osCommerce is standard and PHP is its base too. When it comes to add-ons it is much more open hearted and gives all for free.

Last but not the least Zen Cart is the name. Zen Cart too is free like other two contenders, but is a little complex for general user. For using this platform one needs to have in-depth know-how of PHP. The basic structure is almost similar to all other popular ecommerce platforms, but its gets boost up with the inclusion of plug-ins and functionality addition through customization.

All these three are great options from their offering line-up, one must choose as per their business need. If PHP is your love these three are the best to choose from.

Shamit Khemka is the owner of SynapseIndia, India’s premier IT outsourcing company dealing in PHP development.


One thought on “Shamit Khemka discusses about PHP Ruling the Roost of Online Shopping Cart Software

  1. Sure mate most of eCom platforms are PHP based & you really need to be good with PHP to work on such platforms. Even I use Magento and WordPress for my eCommerce portal and it ask for PHP expertise a lot.


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