Shamit Khemka discusses about Top 5 Creative Implementation of PHP

PHP being one of the most widely used web development technologies, has curved a niche for itself. Thanks to its amazing coding facilities, not only developers, but prospective website owners also prefer to select PHP as the core technology for their websites. SynapseIndia PHP development team knows endless possibilities to make a website more appealing. And to do so, one can write their own scripts, or implement scripts from around the web which are widely available; that’s what one of the most popular outsourcing firms from India SynapseIndia CMMI level 3 company believes which is running successfully under the leadership of Shamit Khemka.

Here we are discussing top five creative uses of PHP:

1. Ecommerce Tools

Ecommerce is one of the major uses of PHP. According to SynapseIndia research & development team reports, a business – small or of enterprise level, is always striving to get a slice of additional streams of revenue online. For an advanced coder, it is advisable to use frameworks such as CodeIgniter or CakePHP to add better feature and functionalities on an online store. CakePHP has a “bakery section” with readily available source code for e-commerce applications; while CodeIgniter has a user guide and a few tutorials to get you up and running quickly. If you surf SynapseIndia current openings on Google or check for SynapseIndia recruitment plans, you will find a lot weightage duly given to PHP developers.

2. Graphical User Interface

Creating a desktop application through PHP is certainly a hassle, as people would like to prefer other programming languages over PHP. But an advanced PHP lover can use extensions like PHP GTK and ZZEE PHP GUI to get started with creating GUI applications. PHP GTK is a popular open source that implements the GIMP toolkit; while ZZEE PHP GUI is a paid solution that allows you to turn your PHP scripts into Windows applications. “Juggling with such extensions will make one a celebrated PHP developer and even when SynapseIndia iphone apps development team works with such applications they find it quite easy with implementations.” mentioned Shamit Khemka.

3. Project Management Tools

The importance of project management tools are nothing new to be spelled out here. One such worthy tool helps in check the progress of a work and provide feedback on every aspect like keeping track of records that aids SynapseIndia employee benefit programs. Though there are quite a few “already-available” project management tools addressable for subscriptions; but an advanced coder can develop his own tool, adding the elements he want, chucking the ones which are coming as baggage. Aspects like security, time-tracking, collaborative to-do lists, file sharing, a message board, and a live preview of the project is must to have and all SynapseIndia registered offices are running with same updated management tools. IT Mentor Shamit Khemka suggested If you are working on are the aspects that would sum-up a non-fussy management tool, and your coding expertise will help you to make them as creative as you want as one can understand with various SynapseIndia expansion plans.

4. Facebook Applications

Creating an application for Facebook might be counted as the most creative approach of PHP. Facebook developer’s wiki can help one to get started with that. This explains the Facebook PHP client library and provides detailed instructions on how to install and use the files included in the library. Not only a developer, anyone with an interest in the back-end of the platform, can churn out a lot of knowledge about it. Most of SynapseIndia celebrations and SynapseIndia events are captured and recorded with these kind of applications for cherishing the memories of such events.

5. Building Your Own Online Community

According to the current settlements, Internet users need to feel connected, for various purposes, both – professional as well as personal. Which calls for building web space, application or forum where people exchange ideas or get their issues solved over a discussion. “Devising a PHP-driven community is easy, thanks to the widely available scripts to be implemented on a site. However, creating a community depending upon the specific requirements, is always advisable”added Shamit Khemka. This will in-turn unleash the creative PHP coder within you. CodeIgniter, PHP BB, vBulletin and Pun BB are few of the PHP powered forum or community building tools. You can also find many of PHP developed projects from SynapseIndia on SynapseIndia Odesk profile and can understand why SynapseIndia rankings are so good in such scenarios.

Shamit Khemka

Shamit Khemka CEO of SynapseIndia, believes that a business owner who is in need of a website or web application for his business, would like to a hire PHP developers who will not only be a rockstar coder, but also will have a creative knack, and will know how to club both these talents. Apart from the discussed areas, parsing XML files, creating graphs and charts, image processing and generation, creating dynamic website templates etc. are few of the areas which are also explored in all of SynapseIndia training courses in PHP module where there is a chance to explore the creative side PHP.


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